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Apple intended their new iPods for being very difficult to get aside with no destroying big components. On account of the metal faceplate, the metal backing, along with the 13 (indeed, 13) steel clips holding the situation jointly, this is certainly considered one of the toughest iPods to disassemble.

Move forward with warning as well as the warning you might drastically hurt your iPod over and above its present situation. Also, you could possibly need a several excess pairs of plastic opening tools through set up, as they are quick to damage when opening the iPod. Have a good time!

Right before opening your iPod, make sure that the hold switch is in the locked posture.

Opening this iPod is hard. Don't get discouraged if it will take you some attempts in advance of the iPod is opened. Another thing to notice is the angle of your plastic opening tool's suggestion whilst inserting it to the iPod. Ideally, the angle should be as vertical as feasible though however clearing the sting of the rear panel.

Insert a plastic opening instrument to the seam in between the back and front of your iPod.Insert one more plastic opening software to the seam amongst the front and back on the iPod, leaving at least 1.five inches of place concerning the two instruments.
At an angle, diligently insert a putty knife about 1/8 inch into the seam between the 2 opening instruments.You will discover slim steel rails managing along the within from the rear panel, so consider excellent care when inserting the putty knife.

Once the putty knife has cleared the lip with the rear panel, pivot the putty knife to ensure that it is actually vertical, and thoroughly (but firmly) wiggle it straight down into your gap concerning the opening resources.

Thrust with the fingers around the rear panel powering the putty knife to attenuate bending. Slowly but surely flex the putty knife, as proven in the photograph, to make sure that the vast majority of the steel tabs on this facet from the iPod are disengaged.

The speculation driving this method is, instead of making an attempt not to bend the rear panel in the least, to bend it inside a favorable manner that allows you to definitely very easily restore it later. As a result, any bend in the sides on the rear panel really should be drawing the lip on the rear panel far from the iPod, in lieu of pushing out around the curved area. This process also disengages as numerous with the facet clips as feasible.

Clear away the putty knife in the iPod and reinsert it nearer on the corner with the iPod, using the identical wiggle approach as prior to.If in any respect attainable, usually do not bend the corner from the rear panel.
Close to the headphone jack, insert a plastic opening device in the seam concerning the back and front on the iPod. Read more on how to change Screen.

It's possible you'll obtain it a lot easier to very carefully flex the putty knife downward as a way to produce a lot more of a gap with the opening tool, but make certain to not bend the corner from the rear panel!

Close to the centre of the display, meticulously insert a metallic spudger in to the hole created because of the plastic opening tool.

It's easy to create a noticeable bump from the rear panel right here that is certainly tough to restore. When prying the tab no cost, try to provide the metallic spudger pivot about the edge of the rear panel as opposed to bending the rear panel outward.

Applying the metal spudger, disengage the only clip around the top rated of the iPod.Near the other best corner, insert a plastic opening resource in to the seam amongst the front and back of your iPod around the other side, insert a plastic opening software in to the seam in between the front and back of the iPod.You might find it less difficult to angle the opening resource caught in the best corner to be able to make a sufficient gap.

Take away the opening instrument from your best corner and insert it to the seam amongst the back and front from the iPod, leaving a minimum of one.five inches of room among the 2 tools (as accomplished over the other facet).

At an angle, cautiously insert a putty knife about 1/8 inch to the seam amongst the two opening tools.

Again, you will discover slender metallic rails jogging alongside the within of your rear panel, so acquire excellent care when inserting the putty knife.

Once the putty knife has cleared the lip from the rear panel, angle the putty knife to ensure it is actually vertical, and punctiliously (but firmly) wiggle it straight down in to the iPod by means of the gap between the plastic opening resources.

Thrust using your fingers on the rear panel at the rear of the putty knife to reduce bending. Ever so marginally flex the putty knife to make certain almost all of the steel tabs on this aspect of the iPod are disengaged.
The metal clips near the corners are infamous for tenaciously gripping the entrance panel. It truly is important to disengage these clips so as to open up the iPod.

Carefully insert a metallic spudger into the area close to the stubborn metallic clip.Gently wiggle the metal spudger down to make sure that it is actually many of the way while in the rear panel.Gently start out to disengage the clip from your front panel.Continue on to force up around the front panel using the metal spudger until the metallic clip releases.
Grasp the entrance panel assembly with a person hand and also the rear panel using the other.

Take a deep breath!

Gently (Carefully) disengage the remaining clips over the rear panel by pulling the tops in the entrance and rear panels away from one another (feel of your bottom on the iPod like a hinge), using good treatment never to destruction the ribbon cables keeping the two halves alongside one another.
Use a spudger to slip up the connector keeping the orange battery ribbon in position. You simply must elevate the locking bar up about two mm to totally free the cable.

Slide the orange battery ribbon from its connector.Position the rear panel close to the iPod, staying thorough never to strain the orange headphone jack cable.Lift the hard disk up with a person hand in order to entry the headphone jack ribbon beneath.

Utilize a spudger to flip up the plastic tab keeping the headphone jack ribbon in position. The tab will rotate up ninety levels, releasing the ribbon cable.

Slide the orange headphone jack ribbon outside of its connector.The rear panel is currently free of charge from the iPod.
Now to maintenance the harm brought on by liberating the interior aspects of the iPod Traditional! It is actually very probable that at least among the metallic clips within the decrease scenario has long been bent upward. These clips have to all be pointing downward in an effort to reinstall the rear panel. 

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Choose the wide, flat facet with the metallic spudger and drive the clip down, taking care never to tear the thin metallic rail within the rear panel.

Make use of a spudger to flip up the plastic tab holding the orange screen ribbon in place. The tab will rotate up 90 levels in direction of the show, releasing the ribbon cable.